indigo workshop march 8th 1:30-4:30
nico scout

indigo workshop march 8th 1:30-4:30

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back at it again! 

Join Providence artist Muffy Brandt for a workshop where you'll learn shibori making techniques that we'll dye in a natural indigo vat.

No previous experience necessary!

Fun + accessible for all levels. Instruction + tools are provided for everyone to learn a variety of pattern making techniques.

Everyone is given 2 cotton tea towels to experiment on. You may bring 2 additional items from home to dye as well. Details about what dyes best + day of FAQs are sent out after you register.

This is a 2.5/3 hour workshop. Afterwards Muffy will take pieces home to wash + set the dye so they're safe to wash in your home machine. Projects will be returned to Nico Scout for pickup within 1-2 weeks.

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