Heaven Scent Perfume Oil
Heaven Scent Perfume Oil
Heaven Scent Perfume Oil
Heaven Scent Perfume Oil
Heaven Scent Perfume Oil
Rowsie Vain

Heaven Scent Perfume Oil

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10ml Rollerwand

A Universal Unisex Perfume Oil infused with Moonstone Gemstones.

It’s about being masculine and feminine at the same time, for your very own euphoric, gender-neutral interpretation.

HEAVEN SCENT: a sweet symphony of cream and citrus that innocently takes you to a nostalgic, heavenly place, with a light drop of spicy neroli to make you feel as if you’re in Heaven on Earth. A simple intoxication giving you the sweetest, old-fashioned admiration for yourself while reducing anxiety and stress caused by the everyday hustle.

TOP: Sweet Orange

MID: Vanilla

BTM: Neroli

Based in MCT coconut oil to moisturize and nourish, while the intensely rare, sweet, spicy, and fruity fragrance encourages you to live above the clouds.

Directions for use: Apply as desired to the body, hair or any area that needs love.

All-Natural, Non-Toxic & Cruelty-Free.

Full Ingredients: Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, infused with moonstone gemstones.

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