aromatic mist 3. radiate yellow lable yellow bag glass bottle spray
aromatic mist 3. radiate yellow lable glass bottle spray
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aromatic mist 3. radiate

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chakra: Manipura (solar plexus) located above the navel. Color: yellow. 

mantra: I am powerful, strong, me 

directions: Please shake before use. Begin by bringing awareness to your breath. Spritz your mist around your face, shoulders, and personal space. As you breathe in your aromatic mist, you may repeat the affirmation on your bottle or integrate your breathing with the corresponding gesture.

gesture: Breathe deeply into your power center above your navel. Picture a golden sun in the center of your belly. Feel this strength radiate from within you. Own your power and shine your light out into the world. 

aromatic description: uplifting, fresh, minty, cool

ingredients: Distilled water, all natural distilled witch hazel, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, organic pinus sylvestris, organic juniperus communis, organic cedrus, organic zingiber officinale, organic citrus × limon 

3.4oz/100ml | for external use only 

*Do not ingest. Do not use when pregnant. Take caution with young children and elderly as they can be more sensitive to essential oils.

made by gestures nyc

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