art brut from japan, another look by sarah lombardi, edward m gomez, & tadashi hattori pink cover red words blue binding
5 continents editions

Art Brut From Japan, Another Look

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184 pages

144 color illustrations

soft cover w flaps 

8.4”l x 0.7”w x 10.8”h

This catalogue presents the works of new Japanese creators, subsequent to the catalogue Art Brut du Japon, co-published in 2008 by the Collection de l’Art Brut and editions Infolio. It continues the exploration of the Art Brut creations in Japan initiated in the first book by presenting twenty-five new creators from different regions of Japan, whose works—drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and textiles—have not yet been included in a theme-based publication like this one. Edward Gómez and Tadashi Hattori are specialists of Japanese Art Brut whose essays discuss the subject and its assimilation in Japan since 2008 in the art of people suffering from a mental handicap. As they point out, whereas the notion of mental handicap resides in aesthetic and sociological criteria (the creators are self-taught, misfits, draft dodgers, prisoners, psychiatric patients, the elderly, etc. who create outside of the official art system), the condition—whether mental or physical—is not a criterion in itself. Their essays help clarify the concept of Art Brut from the standpoint of these new Japanese works.

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