breukelen polished - breadstuy
breukelen polished - breadstuy
breukelen polished

breukelen polished - breadstuy

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bread stuy was a quaint but vibrant bakery with a bright orange awning on Lewis avenue, BK NY

bread stuy was owned by the late lloyd porter & his wife hillary porter. lloyd was an extremely infectious man & always found a way to put a smile on your face

the community was saddened and heartbroken to hear the news that mr. porter passed away due to Covid-19 this year

this bright vibrant orange is in honor of the one of the many businesses in bed-stuy that has built a strong foundation of community

our wish is that this color continues to shine light wherever it goes just as mr. porter did!

11 free, vegan, toxic free, cruelty free, chip resistant, made in the USA, woman owned

by breukelen polished bk nyc

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