Cole barash: grimsey
Cole barash: grimsey
Cole barash: grimsey
nico scout

Cole barash: grimsey

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As the sun fell in the west, Grímsey seemed to emit a vibration, a faint buzzing that can only be felt at certain times in that far-removed place.

Its tune, persistent and dense, wove through living rooms and careened over the harbor like a slow pull on a cello.

It’s a pulse that can only be sensed, if even for a fleeting moment, during periods of change.

The first time, for a young boy, with his father on a fishing boat.

Or the loss of a brother, his memory now living in photographs and within the folds of a sweater tucked away in a closet.

Or, perhaps, the first sunset alone at the northernmost tip of the island, a place the locals call The Foot.

A swooping hook of land that curves down to the water, revealing caves that always seem to be whispering—telling, with a slow exhale, the secrets of the island.

september 2015
9.5 x 11.5 inches
80 pages
57 color plates
clothbound hardcover with dust jacket

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