lenny the lobster can't stay for dinner

lenny the lobster can't stay for dinner

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..or can he? You decide!

a choose-your-own-ending tale of a distinguished lobster and a fateful dinner party


32 pages

32 illustrations

ages 4-7

11.3/8 x 8.3/8"

When invited to a fancy dinner party, Lenny brings thoughtful gifts for the hosts and enthusiasm for whatever's in store. But when he's greeted with a pot of boiling water and lobster bibs, Lenny [and readers] must quickly decide: should he stay or go? This laugh-out-loud text by bestselling author Michael Buckley and his 10-year-old son Finn is stunningly accompanied by illustrations that demonstrate Catherine Meurisse's flare for the dramatic.

Michael Buckley & Finn Buckley, illustrated by Catherine Meurisse

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