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november 3rd indigo + shibori workshop 2-4pm

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lets do this!

In this 2 hour workshop Muffy Brandt will teach you how to make one of a kind textiles dyed in a natural indigo vat. 

Patterns will be created onto fabric by shibori, a Japanese folding technique that is like origami for fabric.

Tools and supplies will be provided to experiment with a variety of techniques.

Everyone is given 2 cotton tea towels, and can bring 1-2 additional pieces of clothing or fabric to dye.

The workshop, including materials, is $80 per person.

No previous dye experience necessary.

At the end of the workshop you will be given resources to create an indigo vat at home, tips for additional pattern making techniques, and a reading list to learn more about natural dye making & the history of indigo around the world.

After the workshop Muffy will wash and set the dye so everything is easily machine washed with your regular laundry once returned to you (in 1-2 weeks). If you're not local Muffy will mail you your pieces at no extra charge. If you are local your pieces will be available for pickup at Nico Scout.