Seaside Botanicals: Creating a Native Plant Smudge Stick Wrkshp
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Seaside Botanicals: Creating a Native Plant Smudge Stick Wrkshp

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Words from Sydonia Axis at Seaside Botanicals:

Herbal smudge sticks are an alternative to the classic sage smudge stick. I like to work with locally harvested aromatic herbs to make the bundles. I use Mugwort, Sweet Annie, Yarrow, Pine and Lavender - which have purifying and cleansing properties like sage. In this workshop you will learn how to make your own bundle and about the properties of the herbs that go into them. After hang drying for about a week, the final result is an herbal stick ready to burn. (Bonus - the drying bundle makes an incredible natural air freshener!) In addition to the smudge stick, everyone gets to take home a small tea light candle and seashell ashtray. Herbal tea and light snacks will also be offered, in addition to a pop-up booth of Seaside Botanical's full line of products.

Seaside Botanicals is a collection of homegrown, wild crafted, and sustainably sourced herbal products from the Ocean State. The business grew out of a background in farming with a focus on sustainability. Seaside Botanicals offers a range of body products, cleaning products, and teas crafted from herbs grown or wild foraged in the Ocean State. All products are dried, processed and packaged in small-batches on Sweetland farm in Foster, Rhode Island. All herbs and flowers are grown using organic practices.