the smudge mag vol 3 july issue
the smudge

the smudge mag vol 3 july issue

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this issue:

I Just Need Space by Cortney Cassidy

In Praise of: Garlic by Liana Jegers

It's Natural by Nathaniel Russell

Star Signs from Small Spells by Rachel Howe

In The New Year by Pete Gamlen

On Ye Olde Grid with Joe Winer

TV Eye by Moira Quinn

A Comic by Vinnie Neuberg

Shorthand Dickinson by B. Ingrid Olson

Smudge Classifieds

Cover art by John Broadley

A portion of proceeds from Issue #7 will be donated to Raices

"the smudge is a monthly newspaper offering articles, interviews, comics, and advice from a range of unique thinkers and creators. at a time when many of us have been searching for ways to contribute, we decided we'd use the tool we know best: PRINT. we're not activists, we're not editors, but we have a printer and we know how to use it. so, in the spirit of the underground and alternative presses of the 60's and 70's, we hope to offer a unique voice and a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all. and hopefully we can squeeze some good comics in there as well." - the smudge

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