A Curation For Creatives & Bringing The City To The Suburb. We're both.

Nico Scout's story:

Nico Scout is an independent arts lifestyle store curating products for creatives that focus on the arts, global culture, music, pop, sub, and counter-culture, and plant life—all within an atmosphere that is fun, welcoming, inspirational, and ready to have a good time.

Founded from the ground up by Amber in 2018, Nico Scout is built on perseverance, authenticity, creativity, and is proudly a woman-owned & owner-operated small business.

Amber's story:

In 2018, I opened Nico Scout with a straightforward inspiration: my recent move from years of metropolitan living was a huge contrast to suburban Rhode Island. I found myself missing the vibrancy, energy, and the offerings of city life.

My background is in different worlds: city, fine art, art school, skate and graffiti, restaurants, education, design, and fashion worlds -I've always felt a strong desire to share it all.

I'm a curious person, and that is a huge part of Nico Scout. I love to be playful and I love to play - that is reflected throughout the store. I love meaningful objects and spaces that could make people feel good, seen, inspired, and refreshed.

I knew I could create a retail space that goes beyond the standard – a space with a unique identity that holds its own perspective, with the potential to build a local community and grow beyond.

And right now, I’m doing just that. =) Amber


Amber at Nico Scout in the Winter of 2022 📸 Raymond Echevers

Nico Scout spinning logo gif created by Nam Nguyen 2021

Store photography and Nico Scout text gif created by Amber