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"A Curation For Creatives" and "Bringing The City To The Suburb"
-We're both, 
Nico Scout
Nico Scout's story:

Nico Scout is an independent arts lifestyle store curating products that focus on arts and culture, design, music, pop, sub, and counter-culture, and plant life—all within an atmosphere that is fun, welcoming, beautiful, inspirational, and ready to have a good time.

Founded from the ground up by Amber in 2018, Nico Scout is built on perseverance, authenticity, creativity, and is proudly a woman-owned & owner-operated small business.

In 2024, Nico Scout branched out into the local community to offer houseplant services for residential and commercial customers. This includes consultations, troubleshooting, design, and pest identification services. We are here to help; email us for more info!

Amber's story:

In 2018, I opened Nico Scout with a straightforward inspiration: my recent move from years of urban living was a huge contrast to suburban Rhode Island. I found myself missing the vibrancy, energy, and the offerings of city life.

When I first opened Nico Scout, my store was well-curated but leaned more toward being a traditional retail space with beautiful products, but not necessarily with purpose.

Over time, as I gained the confidence to authentically express my interests, and trust it was part of the store’s identity, the store transformed into what it is today, elevating itself to match the vision I had for it from the very beginning. But, to be honest, the store is always evolving.

I’ve spent a lot of time in many different worlds: city, art, art school, skateboard, and graffiti, restaurant, education, design, and fashion. I’ve always felt a strong desire to share it all. I’m such a curious person, and that is a huge part of Nico Scout. I love to be playful, and I love to play – that is all reflected throughout the store.

I love meaningful objects and spaces that could make people feel good, seen, inspired, and refreshed. I knew I could create a retail space that goes beyond the standard – a space with a unique identity that holds its own perspective, with the potential to build a local community and grow beyond.

And right now, I’m doing just that.

=) Amber


Amber at Nico Scout in the Winter of 2022 📸 Raymond Echevers

Nico Scout gif created by Nam Nguyen 2021